Hot Dogs & Hot Paws! These Summer Essentials Can Protect Your Dog’s Paws

Hot dogs get hot paws, luckily there are some things you can do to protect your dog’s paws from the heat this summer. Did you know that even if the temperature is under 100 degrees Fahrenheit, asphalt surfaces can still reach well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit? It’s true, and it hurts your dog’s paws to walk across scorching hot surfaces. Your dog’s paws are naturally tough, but they are not designed to walk across man-made surfaces that heat up way faster than natural surfaces.

Can Dog Shoes Protect Hot Paws?

Dog shoes are one option to protect hot paws, but most dogs aren’t the biggest fans of shoes. It’s not uncommon to use dog shoes a few times, get a few chuckles out of them, and then forget about using them altogether. For one, it takes a lot of work to strap on 4 shoes every time you go outside with your dog. Secondly, most dogs don’t like wearing shoes. If your dog is one of the few that enjoys prancing around in new kicks—by all means, go for it! But, if your dog prefers to go all natural, there’s a way easier option…

🐾 Hot Paws Need PawTection

PawTection creates a protective & nourishing barrier.

Instead of strapping on bulky and expensive dog shoes, PawTection offers a less invasive way to protect your dog’s paws from hot surfaces. The all-natural organic and vegan balm glides over the bottom of your dog’s paws, providing protection made from a blend of herbal-based butters and special plant oils.

Each carefully selected ingredient plays a crucial role in nourishing your pup’s paws while guarding them against the elements. Your dog won’t even know he is wearing anything, and yet his paws will feel so pawesome.

PawTection is proven to protect your dog’s paws against:

  • Hot surfaces like sidewalks, asphalt, gravel, rocks, sand, concrete, stone, decks, and so forth
  • Cold surfaces like ice or snow
  • The effects of contact allergens like pollen, grass, or even mold
  • Harsh elements like deicers—which can cause serious complications without the proper precautions. If there are deicers on the streets, always clean your dog’s paws immediately after contact and before you both go inside. This helps prevent deicers from doing as much damage to paws. It also prevents your dog from licking toxic salts off their paws and getting sick.

Signs Your Dog’s Paws Are Damaged from Hot Surfaces

Dog paws should not be rough or dry to the touch. Dry or rough dog paws are the first sign of paw pad damage, often caused by walking on hot surfaces. A healthy paw pad is soft and sponge-like, allowing dogs to run around and maintain good grip.

Some other signs of paw damage you shouldn’t ignore:

  • Hot paws, if your dog’s paws are abnormally warm to the touch they might be irritated
  • Your dog is constantly licking or chewing at his paws—a common act for dog’s with damaged, irritated or burned paw pads
  • Your dog’s paws appear discolored
  • Paw pads are peeling or showing any other sign of surface damage

🐾 Damaged Paws Need Paw Soother

Paw Soother heals, nourishes, & soothes damaged paws.

PawTection protects your dog’s paws against hot surfaces. Plus, the soothing all natural ingredients help heal pre-existing damages. Paw Soother, PawTection’s sister product, includes additional healing properties to further restore damaged paws.

Paw Soother is made from carefully selected ingredients intended to restore moisture, flexibility and grip. Paw Soother is gentle enough for your dog to eat without worry, but it’s still tough enough to combat a wide range of issues including heat damaged paws, hyperkeratosis of the paw, peeling and cracked paws, allergy-impacted paws, and more.

See firsthand the dramatic difference Paw Soother and PawTection can make, your pup is sure to thank you with some pawesome high-fives!

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