Are Paws Supposed to be Rough?

After ‘SIT’, ‘PAW’ may be the oldest trick in the book…but how many people actually check their dog’s paws? You might have felt the scratchiness against your skin but assumed it to be normal. Unless your dog is limping, what is there to think about?

They’re supposed to be rough – right?

Rough, Untreated Paws

Some people may argue that dog’s paws are naturally supposed to be rough for protection. This simply is not the case. Dog paws were designed to walk through nature – not on pavement and salted sidewalks. Coming in contact with harsh surface conditions wears and dries the skin, causing paws to become rough, scratchy, and chapped.

It is up to us to help our dogs stay in their healthiest condition. If paws are left untreated and dry, it can be very uncomfortable and painful for dogs. Although their pads are thick, they are still sensitive. Many dogs will incessantly lick and chew their paws when they are in discomfort, thus causing more irritation and a perpetual cycle.

All-natural is the way to go

You should always use natural products on your pets, especially on areas they can easily reach and lick. There are two important steps necessary to protect and heal your dog’s dry, rough paws:

Step 1. Protect
PawTection is an organic blend of natural waxes that guards the skin against the harsh elements, such as hot pavement, sand, ice, and salt. This healing balm can be applied to paws before going outdoors to act as a nourishing barrier that locks in moisture and prevents damage.

Step 2. Heal
To heal dry paws, Paw Soother boasts a perfect blend of 100% natural butters and oils that deeply heal, smoothe, and soften paw pads. Many people can see a difference after just one use!

Healthy dog = happy dog

Rough, cracked paws healed naturally with Paw Soother!

Once paws are soft and smooth, you’ll realize this is how nature intended them to be. A healthy, moisturized, paw gives the dog extra grip and agility. Dog owners use Paw Soother to aid in agility training, allowing their pups to get better contact with tricks, climbing and running.

Perfect all year ’round

With every season comes a new set of damaging elements, which is why it is important to have PawTection available for whatever weather or climate comes your way. Keeping paws hydrated and smooth with Paw Soother is best to get optimal performance for paws and comfort for dogs.

Your dog will thank you!

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